ColonDx Test

The ColoDx Colorectal Cancer Mutation Detection Test is a novel, highly sensitive in vitro diagnostic test using a qPCR-based, multi-gene panel for the qualitative detection of colorectal cancer-associated gene mutations in swab and serum samples. The assay utilizes mass spectrometry technology to identify the presence or absence of mutations in the targeted regions of four colon cancer-associated genes.

Who's At Risk and When Should You Get Screened?

Everyone 45 years and older at average risk for colon cancer needs to get screened. Even if you don’t have a family history or symptoms. Colon cancer is the 3rd most commonly occurring cancer in both men and women—of all races. Some racial groups are more at risk than others.

Statistically, Black Americans are more likely to develop colon cancer than any other racial group, and more likely to be diagnosed with later-stage colon cancer. Hispanic Americans have the second-highest death rate due to colon cancer, following Black Americans.

“The ColoDx Test helps detect cancers earlier, at more treatable stages, with one simple test.”

“The ColoDx Test means we can offer patients the ability to screen for CRC mutations with the highest level of confidence and performance…”

Cancer Type


5 Year Survival Rate
if Detected Early


5 Year Survival Rate
if Detected Late

Pancreatic Cancer 
Colon Cancer 
Lung Cancer 
Kidney Cancer 
Ovarian Cancer 
Bladder Cancer 

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